A corporation worker, unaware of having fallen victim to a vicious joke, decides to change his life and together with a friend of his, sets out on an irrational trip to the capital city in order to participate in a vocal TV talent contest. The film Tom Bishop is a modern fusion of a feature film and musical that combines the vision of the world expressed in Don Quixote by Cervantes with the live vocal performance complementing the soundtrack.

‘O perpetual discoverer of the antipodes, torch of the world, eye of heaven

Thou that always risest and, notwithstanding appearances, never settest!

To thee, O Sun, I appeal to help me and lighten the darkness of my wit

So that I may be able to partly give an account of what can by no means be explained.

Help me draw a conclusion, for without thee I feel myself weak, feeble, and uncertain.’

Miguel de Cervantes


Director: Jakub Kopeć
Music: Solo OLas
Screenplay: OLas, Karol Starnawski
Camerawork: Tymoteusz Chwistek
Editing: Jakub Kopeć, Piotr Ogiński
Soundtrack production: Szymon Brzeziński
Producer: Solo OLas
Starring: Karol Kadłubiec, Bogdan Ferenc
Cast: Katarzyna Adamczyk-Kuźmicz, Daniela Zybalanka-Jaśko, Beata „Żaba” Małecka, Wojciech Kalinowski, Artur Kamiński, Leszek Wojtaszak in others
Running time: 60 minut